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Name: Eugen Fanshil


Master of Science in computer Sсience

Universität Darmstadt, Germany


Software Developer


Area of knowledge: Security in Web-Services, RESTful Web-Services, Web Development (Java, Hibernate, Spring, AngularJS)

Here I listed a description of some software projects, that I co-developed during my studies at University and as a freelancer:

Hotelico - Marketplace für interne Hotel-Services

Responsibility as CTO:
- Backend and Frontend development
- Hotelico RESTful API

Es geht um eine innovative mobilfähige Internetplattform, wo die Hotels eigene In-House-Services wie die Angebote des Hotelrestaurants oder des Spa-Bereichs (oder später auch aus der Umgebung) an die eigenen Gäste per Smartphone effizient und flexibel richten können. Gleichzeitig ist es eine Kommunikationsplattform für die Gäste, damit sich diese im Hotel nach Interessen verabreden und zusammen etwas unternehmen können.

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Cable Order Management Plattform

- Co-Development of an order management system for the cable industry
- Web Service (RESTful, SOAP) mit automatic Tests

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Distributed Monitoring Architecture For Peer-to-Peer Systems

Peer-to-peer is an increasingly important communication paradigm. Services and data objects are provided by the participating peers of charge. Optimizing the use of these services and objects, requires that knowledge about the P2P system is to grouting...

- Developing and Implementing a Monitoring Architecture
- Evaluation of the quality of the monitoring architecture

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Security Policy Distribution and Negotiation of Web Services

- Webservice infrastructure for automated security policy negotiation
- Persistence of security policies in the JPA database
- Implementation of safety requirements, XML signing, Decryption Read More

Opinion information retrieval system for Internet Movie Database (

About 10000 Movie Reviews from Internet Movie Database (imdb) should be recognized and for every Movie Aspect automatically subjective Opinion calculated
It is very hard to find a positive and negative opinions from a text...
Read More (CeBIT 2009) - P2P Framework for Social Networks


- Development of dynamical social graph plugin
- visualizing social friend-connections of the first and second order
- developing menu GUI and functionality

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Generic Eclipse Editor for user-created (java-based) languages

Generic Eclipse Plug-in for Domain-specific Languages.

- providing a wizard for creating a new Language
- implementing generic plug-in for generated languages
- high-lighting DSL keywords in DSL programs
- support code completion in a DSL editor
- support running DSL programs from Eclipse
- support debugging of DSL programs

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Minimum Energy Broadcasting and Multicasting in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks (WLAN)

Lately gets ''wireless ad hoc networks'' enlarge spread in practice especially in situations where there is an infrastructure is temporarily required and not a basic centralized system is present.
- Implementing complex algorithms
- Developing User-Interface and GUI
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